“From the very day I met and joined and followed Debra has been like a sharpener. I was in a place of uncertainty and had not been connected with any women of GOD that were pouring into me like her. Pastor Byas was like the gas to the fire that was kindling inside me. I felt liberty and freedom to be WHO GOD HAD CALLED ME TO BE, AND I DIDN’T FEEL ASHAMED OF THE WHY’S,  HOW’S, or BUT’S. I  am so honored and grateful that GOD allowed our journeys to meet.

~ L. Graham

“I have met very few people that possess the kind of anointing that can speak to the issues that at times, plaques our minds. When God brought her into my life, my self-worth was shattered, my heart was broken and I was secretly in a place of despair that I could not get free of, on my own. God used her, in ways that can only be described by experiencing the oil and wisdom that is on her life.

“Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I was hostage to the hostile and false systems of belief that was once my past. She never dropped me, never walked away. She corrected and loved me into a healthy place of submission to God and the purpose on my life. The wisdom and strength imparted/imputed from her have taught me to walk again, to trust again, and to accept that what was sent to sabotage my future has no authority over my life, my mind, my heart or my soul. My capacity to trust was shattered. She spoke to what I could not see. She came against every word curse, spoken over me and my seed. This woman is the faith walker, this prophetic General walks with the oil and anointing of those in my generation who have only heard tales.

“I am honored to be among the fruit on her tree.”

Humbly Submitted,
E. Batts

Jeremiah 3:15 — And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Debra Byas is truly a rarity… her ability and willingness to use the gifts God has blessed her with to teach, guide, and aid in understanding Biblical principles has made a profound difference in the lives of my children and I.

“I admire and quite often find myself in awe with her poise and grace. More importantly, I’m always in wonderment with her love and faithfulness to God and ministry. A love that is not only enormously evident but is unquestionable in its authenticity.

“As I continue this journey of learning to fully embrace and apply Biblical principles such as prayer/meditation, obedience, submission, humility, tithing, faithfulness; I cannot express enough love and gratitude for all this Woman of God has done.

“Simply stated, I am blessed beyond measure for being afforded the opportunity to share in this life with one of Abba’s best.”

~ N. Curry

“I had been spinning my wheels for 6 years trying to “fix” the mess I had made of my finances.  I had done plenty of research on credit repair but I was unable to figure out to put it all together and effectively apply the knowledge I was getting.

“On June 3, 2020, I reached out to Debra. I came into the meeting with a credit score 563 and I had approximately $7000 in credit card and personal loan debts.  Debra not only took the time to go over every aspect of my finances with me, but she also incorporated the applicable Biblical Principle for each aspect.  She answered every single question and responded with loving-kindness to every single “but” that I had.  She came up with a game plan for me and gave me more homework.  By December 2020 my credit score was 675 and I had paid my other debt down to $3700.  On January 21, 2021, we went under contract for a new build townhome.  In July of 2021, we closed on our brand-new home.  By then my credit score was 741 and I had paid the remaining credit card and personal loan debt completely off.

It is my firm belief that none of this would have been possible without Abba’s Divine intervention by way of His Divine timing.  He strategically placed one of His best, an angel right here on earth, in my path. I will forever be grateful to Debra.

~ N. Curry

“I met Mrs. Debra approximately two years ago through a mutual acquaintance. Within a few months of meeting her, my family faced a very difficult circumstance. Although, over 450 miles in between us, I could feel Mrs. Debra’s genuineness and love for people. It felt as though she was near and that I had known her for many years. Led to share one of the lowest moments in my life with her helped me to endure that season. Her level of attention and care, in the midst of my situation, was unbelievable. Not only was she praying with me and for my family, but also she provided guidance, knowledge and expertise, surrounding the situation, from both a professional and personal perspective.

Mrs. Debra’s support was authentic and transparent. She has no idea the impact she has had on my life. She has equipped me, today, to be able to help a co-worker gracefully through a difficult time in her life.”

~ K. Wilson