Debra Byas is an associate pastor, founder of a global women’s ministry, leadership expert, business owner, and author; who is passionate about mentoring women to strategize their lives for the intentional and persistent pursuit of their God-given purpose.  With a foundation built in life-long prayer coupled with 25 years as a bible scholar and teacher, Debra is devoted to hearing and obeying the voice of God as she ministers to women of all ages and denominations.  She has over 15 years of speaking at churches, women’s conferences, and special events.

Debra learned the value of mentorship at an early age as it was absent from her early life.  She desperately longed for someone who would genuinely help her realize and develop her God-given purpose.  She combed through books and videos but greatly missed the presence of leaders who would unselfishly walk her through what she felt God placed inside.  This inspired her to develop, inspire and mentor younger women to pursue and walk in purposed excellence.

Debra’s mission is to develop followers into leaders that are purposely excellent in their quest and fulfillment of God’s intent for their lives.